Why do your infant rub his/her eyes and how to stop it?

Your little bundle of joy rubbing his/her eyes is one of the most adorable things for a new mom or dad to watch for. You might feel excited looking at the way your baby rub his/her nose and face turns pink when he/she rubs his/her eyes. But if you are wondering: why he/she does so or what your baby is trying to communicate, read the following answer.

Babies, 6 months of age or less, will rub their eyes, nose, or face against something if they feel tired or itchy.

Read On to Know the Reasons Behind Your Baby Rubbing Its Eyes

  1. If your baby is sleepy.

  2. Your baby may also rub her eyes when they turn too dry.

  3. Baby is curious or when your baby develops motor skills.

  4. When he/she is wondered or amazed.

  5. There is a bit of dust in your baby’s eyes.

How to keep your little one away from rubbing his/her eyes?

  1. Try covering her/his hands.

  2. Hold your little one’s hands away from her face.