Why do you call teenage as your turning point of life?

As we lead our lives we encounter both positives and negatives in life. Some of these experiences will have a huge impact on our present situation or future situation. Some experiences will change our perspective of life and also the direction of life and these experiences are referred to as “Turning points” of our lives.

Teenage is a very important phase and one of such turning points in one's life. In this age, we get exposed to society and beginning to feel as "grown up" and try to experiment with all the good and bad things in society.

Impact of Teenage

  • This is the age where people are not mature enough and are highly vulnerable. The teenage depends on parenting. It is one of the major parts that play in a teenage.

  • The habits you develop between ages 10 to 20 will show up for a long period of time in life. This is the reason why our elders guide us to cultivate good habits in teenage.

  • Our environment in teenage plays a major role in shaping us in the future. And that is the reason parents have to thrive to put their children in a good ecosystem.

  • The reason why parents push their children to do good things in this age is that children have a high grasping power and whatever they learn will create an impact in our mind instantly.

  • One has to cultivate habits like book reading because it improves your vocabulary and language.

  • After you cross a certain age we tend to create opinions and our willingness does not allow us to learn new things. If you are able to learn things in teenage itself it will show up in your future.

  • This is the reason why people who are surrounded by good people and good habits are more successful after their teenage. It plays a key role in our lives and whatever we do after teenage let it be good or bad our teenage is responsible for all our actions.

  • Teenagers are forced to study, cultivate good habits by parents in order to shape them into a decent and matured person in future. Not only guiding but parents should maintain a good relationship with their children.

  • The friendship you develop with your children will reflect parents in future. Parents should sit and talk to their children not only about the education but also about each other lives. Teenagers should be taught about the importance of relationships, values, and ethics.