Why do Indians love Dhaba food?

Desi Indian Dhabas are so greater than Luxury restaurants because Dhabas are simply perfect for a country like India as it gives a feel about our culture and tradition.

Why Do Dhabas Rock

Dhabas are always cheap and the best. The homely and comfortable environment makes all of us fans of these highway shacks. The lip-smacking food and the aromatic excavation that we get to enjoy on a 'chaarpai'. No tasteful restaurant can match that ambiance.

Farm-Fresh Products: The food served in a busy 'Dhaba' is mainly fresh and prepared for better produce. The local people value the shoppers as it is their daily loaf of bread. They live hand to mouth. They do not have places to store food so have to get ready fresh.

Catered To Demand: They do not add high quantities of spices hence the food is not hard on the stomach. They give chutneys, pickles, green chilies, pickled onions unlimited. Everything focuses on providing everyone with tasty food.

Heartly Connect: They provide with genuine love. When I was travelling to Rameswaram. There is an old couple who had a hut of theirs and the outer side they had this small eating place. I had idli and vada with chutney served on banana a leaf. It was literally delectable. That they were such humble people. I loved them.

Pocket-Friendly and Rooted: They are pocket-friendly. These owners are down-to-earth people and do not loot money. You feel the love of the local land rather than being drowned in the grandeur of the expensive and artificial ambiance of hi-fi restaurants. The locals do not have to try hard to create a surrounding. It comes as a part of the food.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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