Why do we need food, we can also survive with water?

The human body consists of tiny building blocks, cells, to carry out various bodily functions. The cells of the cardiovascular system are responsible for the heartbeat and pumping blood throughout your body. 

A different set of cells present in different organ systems perform roles such as building bones, synthesizing hormones, regulating breathing, muscle growth, and energy production.

For proper functioning of the cell, a balanced diet rich in necessary nutrients is required.

[Note: A balanced diet is a diet that contains different kinds of foods in certain proportions so that the requirement for calories, proteins, minerals, vitamins, and alternative nutrients is adequate.]

When food is consumed, nutrients are released in the form of glucose to meet the body's requirements. Without food consumption and consuming only water, the energy for the cells to perform their function properly will not meet. Although water is very necessary for the body, it cannot fulfil the energy requirement of the body.


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