Why do we need to store food?

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Storage of food is done for preserving the unused or uneaten food for after use and to reduce the kitchen waste. Groceries, pulses, spices, and cereals are preserved to use for a long in cooking.

Preserving the ingredients also helps in preparing for emergencies, food scarcity or famine periods, etc.

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 The following are the methods of preserving food at home-



Increasing temperature

Using preservatives


Dehydration means removing water or moisture from food.

This stops microorganisms from growing as they cannot grow without water. It can be called sun drying. For example, Ginger, Potato chips, and Fenugreek (Methi) are dehydrated and stored in houses.

Lowering temperature

We can also keep the microorganisms away from food by using low temperatures. Low temperature slows down the activity of microorganisms.

For this, we make use of refrigerators for preserving food items. Food can be kept in the refrigerator at about 5˚C which delays its spoilage. For example, Cooked Dal can be preserved by this method.

Increasing temperature

We can also keep microorganisms away from food by using high temperatures. By increasing, temperature enzymes and microorganisms are destroyed in the milk.

It involves two methods:




It is a process of heating food items to high temperatures and then quickly cooling them. As microorganisms cannot withstand the change in temperature, therefore, they get destroyed. This is a process in which milk is heated to about 70 degrees Celsius for about 15 to 30 seconds and then suddenly chilled and stored. This process was discovered by Louis Pasteur.


In this process, food items are exposed to high temperatures for a longer period of time. In some cases, high pressure is also used to destroy microorganisms.

Like if we take water and boil it at very high temperatures it cannot withstand those high temperatures and may lead to the destruction of microorganisms. Or we can say that water is microorganism free.

Using Preservative: A preservative is any substance added to food to keep it for a long time. For example Salt, Sugar, Acid, lemon.]

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