Why do I lose focus when I try to work while putting on headphones?

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When I joined this new MNC, I have observed that many people work while putting headphones on listening to their favorite music. I got fancy and got a pair of earphones to the office the next day. I have put on the latest Bollywood album and tried to concentrate on my work. I really felt like someone is talking to me continuously and was getting distracted. I could not concentrate on my work.

I got irritated and removed my earphones and continued with my work. But out of curiosity when I met my colleague during lunch time, I asked him "yaar, how could you concentrate on your work while listening to music?".

He said with a smile "I got used to it. Moreover, I keep listening to the same song every day so that I need not concentrate on the music and at the same time nobody will disturb me while working when they see my earphones on" and revealed his secret. I was awestruck.

Published on 13-Dec-2018 11:44:10