Why do actresses undergo lip surgeries?

This is merely so difficult to comprehend why people try these cosmetic surgeries. We can see some of the best and worst examples in our film industry, where some leading ladies have gone under the knife to enhance their looks. While some actresses have enjoyed positive results, some have failed fatally making them look worse than ever. In almost all of the cases, these cosmetic surgical treatments have turned into major blunders.

In these lip surgery, Liposuction, they get the fat from the human body and make use of it to change the condition of lips.

Lose your Ture Beauty

Right form Ayesha Takia to Vaani Kapoor, Anushka Sharma Kohli, Katrina Kaif, Priyanka Chopra are some of the actresses who have taken up this daring step. We should consider the fact that every surgery treatment involves a great amount of risk with them.

The entertainment industry is inundated with celebrities who may have gained popularity with many experiments they have done with their looks. They have undergone many surgeries to fix a specific part or feature of their face.


One of the very best challenges of pursuing a career related to the field of glamour is to constantly look stunning and satiate the targets of the admirers. Consequently, celebrities have been seeking solace in cosmetics to fix their ageing woes.