Why combination of twitter and facebook is bad

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Twitter and Facebook both are two different social networking sites and growing individually in the market, Twitter facilitates user to easily connect your Twitter account to your Facebook account, but it’s usually not a good idea.

These two sites follow different-different rules and protocols to run their site. Initially, it is really look good to share your Twitter posted data with your Facebook friends. If your friend is very close to you and you always share everything that happens in your life then definitely, you will like to update your Facebook friend with Twitter account data. But, yours this much concern does not affect your Twitter and Facebook friends both, they still behave same how they were earlier.

How to Connect Both?

Suggestion has been given by Twitter help centre: User can easily post all of their twitter account data to Facebook account with the help of an official application for that user just have to log-in into their Twitter account and Facebook account both, and go to the page: “http://apps.facebook.com/twitter/” and then, click on “Allow” button. Once you click on “Allow” button, it will ask “Do you want to connect your two accounts”, conform it and enjoy the connection (Twitter + Facebook) with each other.

After this setting, all of the twitter post will be concurrently posted to the Facebook profile, with a small note at the bottom saying that it came from Twitter.

Why it is bad to connect Twitter account and Facebook account both with each other? Let us get to know through this post,

Why not to connect both?

Here, you will get to know why it is unimportant or bad to connect Twitter and Facebook with each other.

Twitter and Facebook both run individually using two different networks. Friends who are connected with you through Twitter require other connections and more and more features, same with Facebook too.

Twitter runs in a high-volume but, it’s very informal and loosely connected network. It never ends and people don’t get bored of using it – If people sit for a day then too they don’t feel bore and get tired. Using this, you encourage lots of different people to follow you (those you know and those you don’t) without any permission (permission is not required to follow others.

On the other hand, Facebook is also run in high volume but, always maintains user’s account privacy while keeping data personal (no one can access you without your permission). People who accept your friends request, they can only see your posted data and can send messages. Every day, volume of updates on Facebook is much lesser than Twitter. Although, every day people expect one or two status updates, maximum.

So, Twitter is very much business focused whereas Facebook is very much personal. People who mainly use Facebook for entertainment and for all types of communication don’t like Twitter.

Twitter provides limited characters (140 characters) while posting anything that means; words have to be edited in order to save space like; word “about” reduces to “abt”, “with” reduces to “w/”, “have” reduces to “hv” etc. Hashtags (#socialmedia) used on Twitter to create it simple for people to follow explicit topics — don’t assist a function on Facebook.

The culture of both networks is very much different from each other and combination of both put users in trouble. The syntax used by Twitter and Facebook is also different; Twitter uses “#”s and “@”s to function and abbreviations like “RT”, while Facebook’s syntax is less complicated (supports all kinds of format). So, placing Twitter character into Facebook will definitely and quickly makes Facebook friends angry.


It is really a bad idea to combine Twitter and Facebook both with each other, this combination will bring only confusion between both account holders that also effect business too. People who do business advertisement through these two sites will be affected due to this combination.

Updated on 23-Oct-2019 07:26:05