Why China is way ahead than India in technology?

Statistics show that in 1980 the economies of China and India were almost the same in terms of gross domestic product (GDP). But China has crossed India and continuing to run ahead. China is ahead of India economically because it has initiated economic reforms at least 1 decade earlier.

Chinese are currently obsessed with technological leadership and their economy is growing at an average rate of 10% every year. In fact, the Chinese manufacturing sector is presently eight times the size of India's. There are many reasons for their rapid growth in technology.

Chinese Government has initiated Business-friendly Special Economic Zones and business-friendly labor policies. Moreover, China depends on their great human capital in the world and their literacy rate is above 70%.

China is way ahead of India in terms of technology in IT and telecom space. Due to their advancement in the IT and telecom industries, China has edge over others even in other fields of Science and technology. China is emerging as a technology leader on a global scale.