Why is Hyderabad still a part of India?

I had never given any significant thought to Hyderabad before I landed here a couple of years ago, and the reason was, there was not even a single connection between the city of Nizams and me. I had no relatives here, no friends (not even on Facebook and WhatsApp), not even a casual acquaintance…Alas!. Moreover, I had never thought of visiting HYD even in my dreams.

All and all, a complete stranger landed on its soil due to my job change. However, when I started gelling with the fabrication of this city, I came across some very prominent manifests. For instance:

  • In 2011, Hyderabad generated revenues of ₹700,000 million (US$11 billion) and contributed a third of the state's tax revenue.

  • The per capita income of Hyderabad was ₹294,000 (US$4,500) in 2014-15. In 2008, the nominal GDP was US$60bn, placing the city fourth in India and 93rd in the world…..(Source Wikipedia- Point 1& 2)

Although, these two points are enough to answer your query, but let us move a little further to give you a clearer idea what magnitude Hyderabad carries.

  • As we all know, after Bangalore, HYD is India’s largest IT hub which unarguably paves the way for more employment, better infrastructure, development, etc.

  • After Mumbai and Bangalore, HYD is the biggest cosmopolitan city in India despite having a great cultural diversity.

  • Unlike many other cities of India, local inhabitants are not orthodox territory protectors. For instance, they get along well even with the outsiders.

  • They also do not brawl over irrelevant matters like communalism and help India to be at peace.

  • Hyderabad is also the center of the Tollywood and Kollywood, which again contributes to employment and further plays a vital role in boosting the economy of the state as well as India.

  • Tourism is also flourishing here.

My friend, did you notice how many times India occurred in this answer? Just guess. Almost, in every remark, HYD and India are falling together because not only this city but any other part including Kashmir is an inseparable portion of India and they will remain intact until this universe exists.