Why do road accidents occur in India?

Every year, a large number of Road Accidents occur in India gulping over 130,000 lives annually. Our country has overtaken even China in this regard. Such accidents and that too at such an alarming number suggest the fact that there is no single reason responsible for it directly. Hence, enlisted below are some of the major reasons for road accidents in our country.

  • Rash Driving: One of the major reasons for road accidents. It claims the lives of people for no fault of theirs.

  • Drinking and Driving: Although many times, the various government ministries under rule have highlighted this same issue, but the drunken drivers do not learn a lesson. They do what they wish to, thus risking even somebody else’s life.

  • The Pitiable Condition of Roads: In India, the condition of roads is such drastic that you have to find the road amid the number of potholes. Thus, especially in Rainy season and at night, it can lead to accidents and injuries.

  • Mobile and Cell Phone Usage: No mobile when mobile should be the tagline of all of us. The driving is distracted when one uses a cell phone while driving.

  • Street Racing: Although this has less hand in all other causes, still many sons of celebrities or rich families engage in Street Racing risking their lives.

  • Vehicle Failure: This is also a moderately major reason for accidents in India and constitutes a good number leading to serious causalities.

Hence, one must be extremely cautious while driving as a simple looking mistake can harm somebody’s life.