Why cannabis used as a medicine?

In many parts of the world, cannabis which is also known as marijuana is considered illegal as it comes under the use of abusive substances. Though marijuana was always used throughout the olden days in order to treat and heal people, in today’s world very few places in the whole world have legalized the use of this plant. This has many medicinal properties that will be discussed here.

Prevents cancers cells from spreading

  • Cannabis can be used as the main component in order to keep the cancer cells in control and not let them spread.

  • Though there isn’t any cure for cancer, cannabis has shown a good amount of progress in the field of slowing down the cancer cells productions and also it helps in relieving major pains in the body like arthritis.

  • When a person undergoes chemo during the healing of cancer, cannabis helps the patient to get through the process by minimizing the pain effects.

Improves body metabolism

  • Marijuana was identified to boost Insulin production and it helps the body to assess the daily calorie intake more efficiently. This is the reason why most people who smoke or intake of the cannabis plant are slimmer.

Helps against anxiety and depression

  • One of the most important impacts of the weed plant is that it kicks out the mental depression and anxiety that is present in the person's mind.

  • Once the plants have been consumed in one form or the other the person will feel like he is in a much lighter mood and forgets his worries for a while.

  • This is a very helpful use of the plant as it doesn’t let the people go into total depression and do something harmful to themselves or people around them.

Increases mental creativity and focus

  • Most commonly people who do not consume this plant think that when people do smoke or intake the cannabis plant, then they go into a different level of highness and they become very lazy.

  • On the contrary, some of the strains available will make you get a very mellow high and it helps in keeping focus and increase the amount of creativity that is being shown in the work.

Reverses negative impacts of tobacco

  • It is known that when smoke is entering your body then you are harming the internal organs that are present within.

  • In shocking studies, it has been revealed that the smoking of cannabis doesn’t have any major effects on your lungs. In fact, the studies show that it actually eliminates the major effects of tobacco smoking keeping in mind that you stop tobacco usage.

  • It is believed that cannabis smokers have a healthy lung capacity compared to that of tobacco smokers.

Though cannabis has so many medicinal properties the countries don’t legalize it because the bigger pharmaceutical companies will not benefit at all from this.