Why are lays and kurkure so loved by the youth?

The other day I happened to visit my cousin’s place. We were all celebrating my nephew’s fifth birthday. He had all his friends invited as guests. The moment the cake was cut, all the kids started screaming for eatables. And guess what, Chips, cold drink, and a sandwich was their birthday party meal.

A Race to Nowhere

The reason why I began my justification for the reason on the popularity of Lays and Kurkure with this personal experience of mine because I feel that the youth nowadays is in a race, a race to nowhere, but still a race. There is a hurry to achieve big goals, and in this hurry and haste in their lives, they hardly get any time to have a balanced diet. Thus, they resort to quick bites, like Lays, Kurkure or even cold drinks.

Lifestyle with No Life

Imagine a man working in an office in Mumbai. The office cab picks him up and drops him to office in 1 hour. But what will this man now have in the breakfast? He reached late from work the previous night and did not wake up early due to the same reason. He, therefore, has the same option- to munch a few pieces of chips and get going to work.

  • Not only the quick easy way of their consumption, but even their widespread availability in cheap prices is one of the major reasons for the love of youth for Kurkure and Lays.

  • Just like clothes, it has become a popular fad to impress girls and classmates.

  • No one would love to stylize with palak paneer bowl in the hand but would love to click selfies with a packet of lays.

  • Also, their so-called 'role models', Bollywood celebrities endorse these brands, which makes these even more dear to them.