Why are humans jealous of their neighbor's success?

A Neighbor is one who lives nearby, the person who lives in a house or apartment next door or across the street. These are the people we see every day. Over a period of association, these neighbors also become a part of the family. When our family stays away, these are the persons who are immediately available to share our happiness or moments of crisis.

So why do we feel jealous of them? Jealousy is a normal emotion which is basically created by possessiveness, insecurity and inferiority complex. Jealousy arises when you compare yourself with others and feel low. It clearly indicates a lack of self-confidence and contentment.

There can be many reasons why we end up feeling jealous about neighbors. They were the next door persons living in the same locality, more or less on the same economic and social status, we tend to end up comparing ourselves with neighbors, based on our judgments. Humans are always sulking comparing themselves with people around them.

Contentment which should be a personality trait of humans is unfortunately driven by external parameters by comparing themselves to others available.

The list becomes endless when it comes to why humans can become jealous of their neighbors −

  • House which is well kept than theirs.
  • They can afford to buy a new car or change a car when there is a new model in the market.
  • Children are well settled than theirs.
  • Extension or remodeling of the house done a regular basis.
  • They go on regular holidays or lavish holidays
  • No loans to repay
  • Have good work-life balance
  • More friends
  • Regular visitors
  • Well-kept lawn
  • No money problems.
  • No loans to repay
  • Bought the house for a cheaper price.
  • Thinner
  • Have permanent jobs

The list goes on ………………………