Why are desert areas sparsely populated?

What could be the needs of a human being to live in an area? The very basic needs like food and water are the essentials. Then comes the convenience of living by making a shelter. But the climatic conditions of a desert area such that these minimum needs are difficult to reach and get populated.

Some of the factors which satisfy the fact behind the sparse population in a desert:

  • No water is available and hence people could get dehydrated.

  • the land is not fertile to grow crops, which means no agriculture and no food.

  • The hot desert climate makes you catch heat strokes.

  • Desert land doesn’t suit for building houses.

  • Due to the wide sand dunes, there occur a lot of sand-storms.

  • No water even for crops and cattle which feed human beings with food, milk, and meat.

  • Days are too hot while nights are chilling. These extreme temperatures won’t let us survive there peacefully and healthy.

Of all the deserts in the world, Antarctica is the most sparsely populated desert. Even if one plans to stay in a desert, gathering all the essentials and carrying there, water gets evaporated due to the hot weather and the sudden change in temperatures might affect the health.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019

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