The Desert

Chapter Summary

The Desert portrays a beautiful description of deserts. Many believe that the desert has an extreme climate that is dry and hot. For those who do not live in the desert, it is difficult to understand the beauty of the desert. Deserts have a green island full of plants and trees in the form of an oasis, just like any tropical place. It has cold climates just like the hills of Ladakh. The animals and plants here have learnt to live in this climate. Camels have the ability to sustain high body temperature. They do not sweet and store their consumed water in their body for a long time. Cactus plants, similar to camels, store the moisture they have absorbed from the atmosphere into their stems. The author here has outlined how it helps people living in desserts to sustain for a very long time until rain falls again. There is moisture present in the air as a form of a layer that helps the world to stay cool. The desert does not have this type of layer therefore it is very hot. It also gets cold very quickly due to not having any layers. People think that deserts are useless land. However, deserts are a big part of the earth and play an important role in this nature. Similar to dense forests or deep oceans they are the endless stretch of sand.

Pick out two phrases which describe the desert as most people believe it is to be.

Most people think that a desert is an endless stretch of sand without any rainfall. Without rain, there won’t be any plants or vegetation. It will be too hot, dry or completely drenched of water. People who live in forest regions or hills feel difficulty believing that deserts are no different than forests or hills. Specialists believe that it is a beautiful place where many plants, animals and humans have adapted to live despite its extreme climate.

In reality, the desert is not fully covered by grass or trees like other regions. However, we can see different types of desert flowers here similar to any tropical garden. It has an oasis that is very similar to any green island with lots of plants. The desert is not always hot rather they can have a climate similar to hills. Sometimes it can be very cold just like Ladakh. Phrases like endless stretch of sand and tropical garden can be used to outline the rigid yet beautiful nature of the deserts.

“A camel can do without water for days together.” - What is the reason given in the text?

Every living element has to drink water to survive in the environment. Some animals those who live in deserts are able to survive with less water requirement compared with other animals and plants. Camels are the chief animal of dessert and they are known as the ship of the dessert. The animal has the ability to store maximum water at once and also can survive many days without drinking water. These animals have adapted a few qualities for the less-using water. The animals are sweating less rather than other animals.

The reason behind sweating happens to make the balance between the body and the environment. Humans sweat when it feels hot and they sweat less when it feels cold. The normal body temperature of the camel remains very high. They don’t need to sweat much for balancing the temperature. So, Camels are able to store water in these processes and utilizes the water as their requirement.

In a desert, the temperature rises during the day and falls rapidly at night. Why?

The temperature of the dessert changes its mode in a frequent manner. The moisture of the environment protects the earth from the hot temperature of the sun. The desert’s humidity range is very high and moisture not existed on the surface of the earth. The moisture is called a blanket for the surface of the earth. In the absence of moisture arise difficulties to maintain the same temperature on the earth's surface.

The desert has no blanket which can protect it from the hot sun rays. The absence of moisture is the main reason for heating being very high in the morning time. The absence of sun makes the weather in the desert colder compared to normal temperature. The desert plays a crucial role in the environment. Deserts compare with the deepness of oceans and forests. The desert is not useless just because it has a temperature issue and is dry and hot at the same time.

How do the smaller desert animals fulfil their need for water?

The smaller animals of the desert have no need to drink water like other animals. They live underground on the surface of the earth to avoid the hot Sun's rays. They do not collect their food in the daytime. They only come out at night time when the cold weather exists. Few animals take water from the other animals' meat. They eat other animals due to their requirement for food and also take the moisture from the meat. The animals those who do not eat the mass, they are not able to take the moisture from the meat. They eat plants and their seeds for surviving in the desert environment. The animals take juices from the plants that help to fulfil their requirement for water.


Q1. How plants of the Desert survived?

Ans. The plants of the desert have adapted some qualities to survive in hot weather without water. The Cactus has wide stems where the plants can store water. The roots of the plants are very near to the ground's water from where they can absorb the water easily.

Q2. What is the main reason behind the formation of the Desert?

Ans. Desert forms in the absence of rain for many years in a particular place. The effect of the wind called wind erosion is another reason for the formation of deserts.

Q3. What are the types of deserts?

Ans. There are generally two types of deserts, hot and cold. It can be hot as the Thar desert or it can be cold as the Le Ladakh.

Updated on: 03-Jan-2023


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