Why am I not getting the desired results despite working very hard?

A Witty fellow reads a sentence louder, “We work like rockets.” He then adds, “Because we don’t work until our tails are fired”. Though it seems satirical, I believe many of us do not work until we are under strict supervision.

Take Breaks

Having an aim and working for the results, keeps you stay focused. Of course, that’s what keeps us on track and energetic. But if you keep on working seriously over, you are supposed to face a lot of stress. So, it’s better to go on with your work, having regular breaks. You cannot dump everything on your mind at once and hurry. Instead, put yourself out of focus sometimes, to stay focused always !!

Cooking Pressure

Staying focused doesn’t mean you need to pay all your attention only to your work and keep checking the results repeatedly. This will surely increase your tension and makes you nervous. Regular checking makes your inner conscious feel inferior and guilty. There is no scale in the universe that can perfectly judge your intelligence according to your timely response. Any person can get excellent ideas under minimum pressure.

Don’t Judge

Please don’t keep on judging your work continuously from time to time. It's always better to give some time for your work to get some results. Do you really think a plant can grow well if you pour water in the morning and pull it out to check how long the roots have grown from day-to-day?

Excuse Yourself

While working on your project, if you fail to make a good decision or to complete the work on time, please excuse yourself. Never blame continuously and criticize regularly. This utterly affects your conscience and make you inferior and screws off your confidence completely.

Have some concern for your confidence rather than the work because you still have a lot to do and without confidence, you can never step out !!