Who is called a psychopath? What is a psychopathic disorder?

A Psychopath is a person with an abnormal antisocial mental disorder that is difficult to identify immediately. He is potentially more dangerous to society than ordinary criminals as he cannot be spotted in a single meeting.

Characteristics of a psychopath behavior

  • Psychopaths are extremely charming when you meet and are capable of flattering people. They can turn people around and make them do what they want through their manipulating talk and superficial charm.

  • A psychopath is a self-centered person and has no thought for others feeling or emotions. He is very uncaring or has shallow feelings towards people around and superficial affection towards his close people.

  • Psychopaths are the narcissist. They have inflated egos and grandiose sense of self-worth. They are very aggressive when it comes to fulfillment of their desires or whims.

  • Psychopaths are irresponsible and do not want to take responsibility for the outcome of their actions or misdeeds. They do not experience any remorse for their wrongdoings and often take big risks out of their egoistic attitude and know it all ways.

  • Psychopaths have no regard for societal values and personal moral or ethical behavior. Due to this mindset, they always have broken marriages and end up as delinquents or criminals. They are incapable of establishing meaningful relationships and upholding familial or marital bonds due to their amoral behavior and perverted mindset.

  • Psychopaths lead parasitic lives always depending financially on others and getting their work done through their glib talk. They do not learn from their mistakes and fail to comprehend reality about their situation.

  • They get bored easily and seek constant stimulation taking risks and seeking comfort through crafty means. They adopt cunning ways to achieve their ends. They are unscrupulous and deceitful in their ways and resort to underhand and dishonest methods to eke a living.