Which out of beauty and brain is more important?

‘Beauty captures the attention but personality captures the heart.’

I think both are important.


When you watch any Miss World, Miss India, or any other beauty contest, the contestants are asked a bit tricky questions and expected to answer them in a way that shows their intelligence, wit, and ability to deal with situations put forward on an instant. Confidence is the key here.

Types of Beauty

Now, when we say beauty it can be both internal as well as external. I would never say that beauty is of no importance. I can agree that what I find beautiful may not be appealing to somebody else.

Importance of Brain

Having a brain is also equally important, especially to live in the world such as the one we are living in. I personally feel that a person’s internal beauty counts more than his or her intelligence. But in modern society people give more importance to outward beauty. It is because through it they can reveal their status.

A Famous Reply

In the pageant of Miss Philippines 2001, Jeanie Anderson was asked to choose between being beautiful and not so smart, or being brilliant and not so beautiful. She replied, “Well, I’d rather choose to be beautiful because to be beautiful it’s natural. But being smart you can learn. Learn a lot of things from the experience and you can learn a lot of things by being smart.”

What a brilliant answer! No one can outsmart you if you are hell-bent on imposing your own opinions in such an imposing manner. Even if one is dusky in complexion, if knowledge and wisdom are there, it does not matter at all. Hence, a combination of both beauty and brain is the key to happy living.