Which one is good to be fit Jogging, Gym or Yoga?

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Good question. However, to answer this question another question awaits a reply, i.e. which purpose do you want to serve through any of the aforementioned exercises? Here, we need to remember that you pick any form of exercise as per the aim you have. For instance, if you want to build muscles, go for weight training whereas if your focus is only on shedding pounds from your body then cycling and swimming can give you the best results. So, let's discuss in brief what purpose does a particular exercise serve?


Running at a gentle pace or (if marked specifically) running slower than 10 km/h and maintaining a steady speed for longer periods, is called jogging. In jogging, a wider lateral spacing of foot strikes, creating a side-to-side movement that probably contributes to stability at slower speeds or when there is a lack of coordination.

Health Benefits of Jogging

This form of exercise directly hits the extra fat you're carrying. Once you start jogging, you will notice that your pulse is excessively up and you are out of breath. It happens because your body responds by elevating your heart rate.

1Being a weight-bearing workout, it helps to build strong bones,
2Strengthen muscles
3Improve cardiovascular fitness
4Burn plenty of calories
5Help maintain a healthy weight


This term is widely used for an intense and regular workout done with the help of different exercising tools at a gym generally by the people fall in the age cluster of 18-30 years. The sole purpose of joining a gym is to build muscles and flaunt a herculean body. The craze for getting six or eight packs is quite on surge these days.

Health Benefits of Gyming

Regular exercise at a gym will not only elevate your muscle power but also keep you in an ideal shape. Following advantages will drive you to a gym

1Build muscles and improves strength
2Helps you keep your weight in control
3Reduces risks of many fatal diseases
4Improve your social life by introducing a new set of people
5Boosts your mental health


Although, containing a rich and vast meaning, but if asked to describe it in the terms of exercise, it is a simple but very effective form of workout which not only raises your physical health but also improves mental and inner strength. A number of studies have proved the effectiveness of yoga in barricading the danger of many fatal diseases including, heart diseases, cancer, asthma, schizophrenia.

Simply by doing some 'Asanas', your body and mind are empowered to confront the external causes responsible for poor health and mental state.

1Increases flexibility
2Improve energy, respiration, and vitality
3Keep a balanced metabolism
4Boost mental health
5Protect from injury
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