Which is the selenium latest version?

Selenium started with version 1 and now version 3 is the currently the latest released version available in the market. Let’s has a comparative study of the different features of each of the version.

Selenium 1 or RC: As name suggest, RC is a Remote Control which works by taking the remote of the browser and then injects the automation code to be tested by injecting the custom scripts written.

Selenium 2 or Web driver: The Web Driver (known as Selenium 2) works on the browser directly and uses browsers in-built features to trigger the automation test written by tester. Web driver is the successor of Remote Control.

Selenium 3 is the latest version of Selenium by far which got released in 2016.

In Brief −

Browser vendors independently provide client browsers. Selenium RC is ruled out from Selenium 3.

In selenium 3, the latest version till date is 3.141.59 . Selenium 3.X is no longer capable of running Selenium RC directly; rather it does it through emulation and the WebDriverBackedSelenium interface.