Which is better, stop smoking at once or slowly reducing and finally stop?

Smoking affects the health of smokers and non-smokers alike. It is such a hazardous addiction which is taking of thousands of lives every year. Many campaigns and awareness programs are being conducted to educate people about the hazards of smoking. One can quit smoking completely at once or can gradually decrease smoking until he stops completely.

Stop Smoking At Once


  • Stopping smoking at once gets you the healthy advantages immediately. After 72 hours you should begin seeing improvements in your breathing and vitality levels, and following 2-12 weeks your health will improve.

  • Remove ashtrays and discard all lighters immediately. It works as out of sight and out of mind and kills the urge to smoke a cigarette, if not found available.

  • Going cold turkey with cigarettes doesn't mean you need to go cold turkey on nicotine. Keep in mind, it's the nicotine in cigarettes that makes them addictive, however, the tobacco that is related to all the significant health hazards. Nicotine products can act as a substitute for a cigarette.


  • Quitting smoking totally will test your self-control to the maximum, and it's normal that this makes you distressed, irritated and somewhat snappy for some time.

  • NRT items could help you to deal with your emotional episodes when you crave for it. Gum is a decent choice for managing longings rapidly.

  • Stopping smoking isn't simple, and if you vow to surrender overnight it is best not to take even a single puff after you have passed your decided date. But if you end up giving in and having a cigarette a couple of days after the fact, you may feel like you've given up, which can be a major blow.

  • Going cold turkey can be overwhelming and you may feel your only chance of doing it effectively is by changing your social habits, such as going out with besties or for drinks with colleagues, keeping in mind to avoid cravings.

  • If you are a social smoker, a Nicorette Inhalator – which will give you that hand-to-mouth action which few smokers desire could enable you to remain on track and not miss your social life.

Gradual cut back


  • Cutting down means you would be still smoking few cigarettes however gives you the adaptability to decrease your intensity with time. A few people discover they can surrender their morning cigarette effectively, yet they can't avoid the longing for a post-lunch smoke.

  • Once you've recognized the periods of the day when your temptations are high, what about having Nicorette Gum to cool your cravings.

  • In case you feel that stopping smoking at once is an impossible task, then try to stop it slowly. Trying to stop step by step will prove that you are not weak and you can reach your goal ultimately. If you figure out how to cut down from 20 cigarettes every day to 2 cigarettes, you can gradually quit it completely.


  • Gradually decreasing the number of cigarettes you smoke can be a decent approach to quit. Sometimes it may backfire and you may end up firing 20 cigarettes per day again. Unless you stop it completely and continue forever, it is not considered as you have quit smoking forever.

  • Quitting gradually implies despite everything you'll be harming your health to some degree for some more time.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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