Which is better PHP SOAP or NuSOAP?

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PHP SOAP has been made available beginning from PHP version 5.0.1 . Users who are still using PHP4 need to use NuSOAP.

Native PHP codes are better in terms of performance & relatively bug free. Hence it is suggested to use PHP SOAP if it is available.

On the other hand, NuSOAP doesn't have much documentation on their official website as well.

Salient features of NuSOAP

  • It comes with a few predefined methods whereas they need to be written on one's own in case of Soap.
  • The performance metric for SOAP is server response time.
  • Handling UTF-8 is much easier in Nusoap.
  • Nusoap offers certain functions that can be used to create a SOAP server.
Updated on 06-Apr-2020 08:41:34