Which is better for thumbnails – Canva or Picmaker?

Set out to create your brand new YouTube channel? Want to create a good first impression?

A thumbnail is the first impression that your video makes on the web its important you choose a graphic designer tool. But with so many options available, which is the most convenient tool to use? Canva and Picmaker are arguably two of the most appealing and emerging giants in the world of graphic design. So when designing a thumbnail, which platform to opt for? Here is a little something which would help you decide.

What is Canva?

Canva is a free graphics design platform which aids in creating a wide range of visual content such as presentation, invitations, posters, business cards that can be used in social media and other visual platforms. It provides the user with various professionally designed templates that can be customized very easily using its drag-and-drop interface.

The availability of a library of templates, backgrounds, fonts, stickers and images provide the best results. It has a user-friendly interface and you need not have an extensive knowledge of designing in order to use these features of Canva.

What is Picmaker?

Picmaker is a DIY design platform which allows the user to create multiple designs using its ready-to-use templates as well as customize these from the features available on the platform. From thumbnails to logos, Picmaker is a versatile platform which helps you create the design you have in your mind.

Canva or Picmaker – Which one would work best for you?

User friendly − Whether you are new to the world of graphic design or a fledgling business trying to boost its online presence, how user-friendly the interface of the platform you are using plays a major role.

Canva surely takes the mark on this one its user-friendly interface makes working on the seemingly complicated-looking platform a piece of cake compared to the rather-tough-to-approach-at-first platform of Picmaker.

Background Remover tool − One of the most important and basic tools for thumbnail creation is the background remover tool. Picmaker provides a free automatic background remover tool, whereas, for Canva, the tool comes as a premium feature which is a disadvantage for someone starting out new on the social platform.

Stickerify tool − Picmaker provides you with the tool to convert any image into a gorgeous sticker – a feature that Canva lacks. Stickers, when cleverly used, can greatly enhance your thumbnail design, as they are very catchy and help gain the audience’s attention.

Photo editing tool − When it comes to a photo editing tool, Canva with its extensive features is one step ahead of Picmaker. Well-edited images which totally fit the bill of the aesthetic you want for your thumbnail are always crucial, so designing with Canva always gives you an extra edge.