Which is Better - Zoho or Salesforce?

We understand that choosing the right software for use can be extremely difficult! But what if we tell you that we are here to help you understand which could be better for you - Zoho or Salesforce? CRM or customer relationship management can be difficult, but the process becomes a cakewalk with software like this.

Both the CRM platforms we will talk about are indeed very promising. One of them is Zoho, and the other one is Salesforce. The banter between the two is more important because both platforms are extremely promising, and the crucial thing is that choosing one from the comparison can get intimidating. However, we will give you a better view so that making a decision does not seem very difficult.

Zoho Vs. Salesforce: Which One Should You Choose?

Zoho Salesforce
Less price More professional features
It is a bit easier to follow There are a lot of features and hence can be a little difficult to follow
Automation of workflow is more affordable Automation of workflow is less affordable
The scalability of Zoho is better for small businesses The scalability of Salesforce is more for big businesses.

In this discussion, we have given you a side-by-side analysis of both platforms, and more so you can choose the one that best fits your needs.

Zoho CRM

The first software that we are going to talk about today is none other than Zoho CRM, and it is indeed very popular. It is online software that manages your sales and marketing, and you can use it without any hindrances.


The next platform, as you can understand, is Salesforce, and the best thing is that this platform is also quite popular regarding CRM. It is, in simple words, a cloud-based relationship management software and the best thing is that there are segregated applications that you can choose to use for sales, marketing, and services.

Comparing Zoho and Salesforce Based on the Features

In this discussion, the ultimate comparison that we will do is based on the features and the experience that the software tends to offer. The comparison is based on very important grounds; based on this, you can deduce whether you want to use the platform for the long run or if it does not suit your preferences.


When choosing any CRM software, the one common ground that many of us tend to overlook is the pricing of the same. However, when selecting software, this should be the ultimate parameter, and this is sole because it will decide whether you can sustain the software in the long run. If you compare the price points of the two software, then you will notice that the Zoho CRM has three domains.

  • Standard Zoho Subscription − $12 per month for each user.

  • Professional Subscription − $20 per month.

  • Enterprise Edition − $35 

  • Ultimate Edition − $ 45.

If we are the pricing point of Salesforce, it is quite competitive if we compare it with Zoho. Currently, the pricing for this software is set at

  • Essential Version − $25 per month

  • Professional Version − $75 per month.

  • Enterprise Version − $150 per month

  • Unlimited Version − $300 monthly.

As you can understand, Zoho is a little less expensive, but the features you will get at Salesforce are a tad bit more professional. If you want to start, choosing Zoho would be a better option because you need to invest less here.

Ease of Usage

The next point of discussion between the two is the ease of usage. Both the software allows you to customize the features for your wants, and there are tools you can use. However, in this respect, it is important to mention that for Salesforce, the complexity is more poignant, which happens more when you start using the software. If you have to choose a quicker option that does not need many setups, choosing Zoho would be a better experience.

Automation Of Workflow

As you can understand, workflow automation is essential to any business. When you upgrade to professional CRM software, this is the point that most people look forward to. Salesforce is one software that will help you to automate as much as you need, but everything comes with a price.

Consequently, it can get more expensive than you think. However, if you are running on a budget, Zoho is a better option, but the range you will get is also quite limited.

The Scalability of the Software

When choosing CRM software, it is very important to consider whether it is scalable. It will ascertain whether you will be able to use it in the long run or not. Salesforce is one software that offers you huge scalability, and the good thing is that there are constant updates to keep at par with the same. However, the only catch is that it can get a little expensive for some users.

On the other hand, when it comes to Zoho, it is quite a good platform, and at the same time, you will be able to scale it well for small and mid-sized businesses. It is consequently much more affordable for beginners.


It is common for many users that the question can linger as to which platform you should choose and if it is sustainable. The good thing is that both Zoho and Salesforce CRM are good platforms. However, the audience might be different. If you are starting and the budget is an issue, Zoho is a good option. However, if you want something extravagant that allows you to have a premium hold, it does not get better than Salesforce at the moment!

Updated on: 19-Apr-2023


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