Which grapes are the tastiest?

Grapes are the favourite fruit of many people. They may be red, black, green in color and taste as good when eaten raw as in a recipe. These grapes remind me of the story we all might have heard in our childhood days related to the Fox and the grapes, wherein the fox remarked, "the grapes are sour."

Not only the fox found the grapes sour, but we too will find them such, if we do not know which grapes are tasty when we purchase them from a fruit vendor.

Which Ones are Tasty?

  • Green Capsule Grapes: Long capsule shaped green grapes which are thin in shape are quite sweet and tasty.

  • Yellowish Green Colour: Those grapes which possess a yellowish green tinge are sweet.

  • Thick But Long Black Grapes: Black grapes which are both thick in size and long in shape are sweet. They are a good choice if you are looking for tasty grapes.

  • Yellowish Green Capsule Grapes: Just like Green colored capsule shaped grapes are delicious, the yellowish green capsule ones are even tastier.

  • Red Grapes: Red grapes are used for making wine. Choose firm red grapes and not the soft ones as they are often stale and tasteless.

  • Purple Grapes: These are usually sour if you choose thick ones as they have a seed inside. But if you choose long ones, there may not be any seed, so it will not be citrus in the taste.