Which are the budget deodorants available in Indian Market?

Good fragrance attracts everyone and to keep yourself in good odor there are so many deodorants available in the market. While some people love to experiment with different brands others stick to fragrant soaps as they do not know which brands of deodorants they can go with. The list below might help in this case.

1. Eva: This brand is particularly famous for feminine fragrance such as lavender etc.

2. Wildstone: This is explicitly costlier, but when bought along with perfume, the combo as a whole is cheaper. It is available even in the fragrances desired by both women and men.

3. Fog: Although the price per bottle is high but stays with you long. So, overall the cost turns down. You do not need to reapply it over and over again.

4. Engage: This brand gives a lot of offers like 2+1 or 3+1.

5. Yardley: A gentle sophisticated fragrant deodorant, Yardley is my favorite. It is not too heavy on the pocket, yet very pleasant.

6. Secret Temptation: This is somehow a unisex deodorant as every bit of it attracts both men and women.

7. Sphinx: This deodorant also comes in various variants and is a good option for those who do not want to spend much.

8. Park Avenue: It is a very famous brand related to men's grooming accessories like Shaving etc.

9. Old Spice: A very old and trusted name. Its masculine smell is so distinct that it is identifiable even from a distance.

The list may go on and on but one can try on one and other variants and then stick to one particular favorite.