Which are the apps to order medicines online?

"Health is wealth", but "time is money" too. How nice would it be if one gets to save time and thereby it saves money? This is possible in case of procuring medicines nowadays when a number of options in buying medicines online.

Buying Medicines Online

  • 1mg: This has an app on Google play store and even a website of its own. Many allopathy and ayurvedic medicines are available at the nominal price.

  • Pharmacy: Another brand with the app available on Google play store and website of its own. There are plenty of medicines available with a cooperative customer care panel to solve all our problems related to the order

  • Lifecare: Lifecare derives its name from lifecare and it is aptly named as it provides medicines, to take care of our lives. One can upload prescription and order from its application on google play store or call directly the Lifecare team and go about placing an order.

  • Medlife: It is another online medicine purchase store with application as well as website. If any confusion persists, their team helps resolves the queries.

  • Netmeds: An application on Google play store along with a website of its own helps customers in placing the order from any of the two platforms. There is a flat 15% discount on all medicines as it claims.

  • Practo.com: It is helpful in case one wishes to place an order, especially for the first time as it offers a 25% discount on the first order.

  • Med Plus Mart: With the name much similar to Vishal Mega Mart and DMart, this online medicine shopping platform is quite helpful in case one cannot go out to buy medicines.

Although many online medicine shopping options are available, but one must note that the delivery of medicines from these takes some days. So, it might not help if one needs them urgently.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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