What will you do if you find a girl being teased by a policeman and you are alone there?

"Anatomy is destiny," wrote Sigmund Freud. This quote encapsulates the implications faced by taking birth as women and the way women are perceived by men due to their physicality.

We have been hearing about eve teasing and physical molestations of women happening around every corner of the country round the clock. We look up to the police to help us in this situations. What if policeman starts teasing a woman? Where shall we go and what shall we do?

If I am standing alone at the bus stop and see one girl being teased by a policeman, I would capture the incident with my phone, because if I have to complain against a policeman, I need proofs. Cases against eve teasers are difficult to prove and if it is a policeman it may be more difficult.

I will try to interfere and tell the policeman that it is wrong and try to threaten that I will complain about him if he doesn't stop. If he is progressing more, I will raise alarm and call the people around and approach the police immediately. Just because he is a policeman, he does not get a license to do wrong things. In fact, if his case is proved, he may be suspended or even removed from the service.

Let us not fear the corrupt and wicket policeman, we can raise voice against them too. Just because he is powerful does not mean we should give up addressing the issue. You can complain against the policeman and there are many cases of policemen getting thrashed by the law.