What would be the five possessions if you are asked to keep?

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That’s an interesting question because, given a chance, I would have endless possessions to keep! Different people have different emotions related to certain things, feeling or actions that they would like to possess. For me it would be:

My Loved Ones

Family or the loved ones are usually the priority for many, and so, it is for me. For me, I would love to keep my mom and my husband as my most precious possessions. My life revolves around these two people and as long as they are around me, I am happy. These are the two people who give me that much needed positive vibe whenever I am down, so having them around for all my life would be a blessing.

My Phone

Needless to mention, why a mobile phone is important these days and how important. From waking me up in the morning with the inbuilt alarm clock to tracking my pace the entire day, it has replaced almost all the handy gadgets these days. While it keeps me connected with my family, friends, and acquaintances, it also helps me acquire the world of knowledge while on the go. I am an internet freak and I love to be updated always. Besides, I also complete most of my work via emails and more.

My Laptop

My laptop is easily my BFF. While I get the world of information on my fingertips, it also provides me bread and butter. Besides, I am not so social and so, this wonder gadget keeps me entertained at all times from movies to music at home.

Water Bottle

I wasn’t a water person till I knew I suffer from chronic gastritis and few other intestinal concerns. Since then, water has been my major requirement, yes, even before food. I have two bottles of water at my bedside at all times and I make sure that I carry water at all times to avoid getting dehydrated. In short, water is next to life for me.

My Willpower

That’s one of the most important traits that keeps me going. I can sail through any situation with my sheer willpower and that’s something I will love to keep as one of my 5 possessions for all my life.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24