What was the time when you felt a person was actually a shrewd one?

Once I went to buy a gift article from a Novelty shop. I was looking through the articles and I really wanted to buy a nice one for my friend's housewarming ceremony. My eyes fell on a beautiful painting. There were beautiful white horses running and colors were very bright and attractive. I remembered reading somewhere (in Feng Shui perhaps) that horses bring luck to the house.

As I was approaching the painting another woman was telling the shopkeeper to pack the painting for her. I told the shopkeeper that I also liked the painting and asked him if he had another one similar to that. He searched and took out another painting which is almost same, but the frame of the second one is in golden color and is looking more elegant.

The woman beside me immediately said, "Oh it seems you liked that painting very much, you take that, I will take this second one" and grabbed that from the shopkeeper's hand and acted as if she was checking it out.

Then, I realized how shrewd she was because the second painting is more beautiful and she acted as if she is sacrificing the one I liked. People are smart !!!