What was the name of JavaScript when it was created?

JavaScript launched in May 1995 by Brendan Eich, who used to work at Netscape. Initially, it wasn’t called JavaScript; it was given the name Mocha.

The name Mocha was chosen by Marc Andreessen, a Netscape founder. The name was changed to LiveScript in September 1995. In the same year, December, it received a trademark license from Sun and the name JavaScript came into the picture.

The general-purpose core of the language has been embedded in Netscape, Internet Explorer, and other web browsers.

The ECMA-262 Specification defined a standard version of the core JavaScript language.

  • JavaScript is a lightweight, interpreted programming language.
  • Designed for creating network-centric applications.
  • Complementary to and integrated with Java.
  • Complementary to and integrated with HTML.
  • Open and cross-platform