What type of boys girls are usually attract to?

Being a relationship coach, I have observed that the beliefs of men about what attracts a female are quite ass-backward. I think this is because they are raised with the silly belief that they should always be detached, cool, and unemotional, every time, else they would be tagged as ‘WEAK’.

I know a few guys who are well-to-do and often hang out with girls and share their experience. Many of them often come with the regret that despite having good looks, buying the girls fancy accessories, they fail to get the favor of the desired women.

So, what is that attract women if not money and look, let’s find out?


One of my girl (friends) revealed,

“I really like someone who knows what he wants in life and goes for its chase. I would also be enjoying the energy he carries”.

Girls love those guys who are on their way to their goals because masculine energy is directional energy. Such energy blows the mind of the fair sex.


A woman always wants to connect emotionally with her partner while men try to fill it out with luxurious presents. NO! Their emotional tide can be handled well with your presence and that makes a lot of difference. For that, simply put down your cell phone, turn the tv off, sit in front, make a straight eye contact and truly pay all attention to her. This kind of laser beam focus of attention makes women weak in the knees.


I remember my college days when I saw a very beautiful as well as intelligent classmate of mine whom I had a crush was dating a guy who was neither good-looking, used to drive a ‘khatara’ bike, and even wasn’t rich at all. When I enquired I found that the guy is blessed with a quality to make girls laugh and that is what fetched him that beauty.

The Key Tip:

Guys, life is serious enough even for the girls and they love those who unburden their stress.