What to do if your neighbors make fish daily and being a pure vegetarian you can't even bear its smell?

Maintaining good social relationship with the families in your vicinity helps you live peacefully and safely. It ensures a better social life. But that does not mean that you will tolerate anything and everything to maintain good relations.

In the present scenario, when the aroma of the fish fills your house, such that you are unable to tolerate it any more. Different people read a given situation in very different manner. While you may simply get frustrated sitting at your home, over this trivial matter (which your thoughts have made a big mountain), your neighbor may still enjoy the life.

The easiest and most effective way to handle the situation is by communicating your problem to the neighbor next door. You may make a mountain of a molehill, and this is fatal for a healthy relationship. Thinking in mind all the time is harmful not only to the relationship but also to your health. To stay peacefully in a relationship one has to bring your mind at peace, which is possible by speaking up.

Suggest Alternate Solution- You can politely tell them that it would be helpful if they turn on the kitchen exhaust fan and close the other doors of their room when they make fish. I believe they will certainly understand and not overreact at all.

Take A Firm Decision- Although you have politely spoken to the neighbor about your problem, but if they still not understand, then close your eyes and know and understand what's happening. Overthinking sucks a lot of energy. So before mental torture even begins, fix yourself because in the end what matters is how you think and what you think becomes reality.

Save your mind and that is what is most important, later comes the relations. Sometimes, you have to cooperate and sometimes others adjust and that is how we proceed on our journey of lives.