What to do if you are bitten by a monkey?

Rabies: Caused by as affected monkey’s bite or an affected dog’s bite is a dreadful disease. It may be transferred due to the saliva of the infected animal or the bite.


Not every monkey bite results in Rabies.

Many people hold the above myth in their minds, but as said earlier, it is only the “affected” monkey whose bite can be a cause of Rabies.

What To Do If Bitten By A Monkey?

  • Do not panic. Fear and panic make situations worse.

  • Visit a suitable Doctor soon post exposure to a monkey bite.

  • VACCINATION: It should be initiated soon after the exposure, as quickly as possible.

  • There should be proper wound management and relevant tests. The medical tests may involve the administration of Rabies Immune globulin (RIG), human (HRIG).

  • Wash the affected area with an antiseptic soap or a liquid detergent (Medically proven) time and again for minimum a fortnight to ensure relief.

  • Avoid stepping out in Dirt or dusty area, so that further situation may not aggravate. Keep the affected area covered as soon as possible.

Hence, if these points are kept in mind and followed, it may help one to stay away from the ill effects and consequences of a monkey bite.