What to do if the high expectations of your parents put you under a lot of pressure?

Our parents are our world and we also have the same value in their lives. All they want is our happiness and our well-being. Parenthood is not an easy job too as it requires a lot from the parent's side. Every parent expects from their children to do something great which they could not do. This kind of feeling is prevalent in most of the parents, they want to see them achieve more than what they have achieved in life.

The Care for Us

It might happen that because of their immense love and care for us, they may want us to study well and settle ourselves in due time, which we may take as unnecessary interference or even as pressurizing us for no reason. But we must bear this in our mind that whatever they do is for our better future.

Bags of Advice

Love begets fear and respect. You might not get any advise from a stranger who crosses the road along with you one random day. But you will get advice and sometimes constructive criticism from those who adore you and want you to outshine in all decisions you make in your life.


Still, in case, you are not able to handle that pressure of theirs, there is no harm talking to them and sharing your worries with your parents. They will surely not feel offended if you are true to your words and present in a polite manner. You can give an example of your friends and relatives who might have taken opportunities in the right spirit and ended up quite brilliantly in their career.

Remember, no problem is solved without proper communication. Discussion helps in bridging the gap and avoiding any confusion and misunderstanding. It is the responsibility of the parents to see which direction the child is going and they are the one who should be a guide, a friend and a teacher as per the situations.