What to do if my smartphone gets stolen or lost?

Smartphones don’t come cheap and considering that it holds most of your important data these days, it’s a horrifying feeling when your phone is stolen or lost. While buying another phone can be heavy on your pocket, your data getting stolen can be a bigger concern. Let’s see how to protect your smartphone before it’s stolen or lost.

Check Stolen or Missing

It’s always smarter to track your phone that is, check if it’s stolen or simply missing. You may just find it under the pillow or in the rest room. Make use of the features like Find My iPhone on your iPhone or the Android device manager on your Android phone that can help you to trace your phone remotely.

Protect Your Data

You can use any computer to either send a message to your phone, lock the screen with a new password, remove all data or can have the phone ring loudly. This helps protect your phone’s data being stolen in case.

Inform Your Network Provider

It’s crucial to notify your network provider as soon as you realize that the phone is lost or stolen. They will immediately suspend the service to ensure there is no unauthorized usage.

File a Police Report and Claim Insurance

Filing a police report for a lost or stolen phone is extremely important in India. While they can find the phone with the IMEI number, you can also use the report to claim your mobile phone insurance.