What to check before throwing the expired medicine away?

The often buy medicines during the phase of health issues and once we are up, we forget where did we place them. After weeks, months or years, if (luckily) we discover them considering those medicines obsolete is a common state of mind. Or the scenario also goes to an extent when you mindfully place them into your medicine kit.

However, I bet such log can still be of some use if you check and confirm a few things listed below:

The actual fact is that most medicines come with an expiry date, which shows a date and once this specific date is passed the medicine gets expired. But this is not the case. The date mentioned on the label is nothing but indicative and the medicine still remains worth using. However, experts believe that the potency and efficacy of medicine do not remain the same as it was before the date mentioned on it.

Facts Vary

On the other hand, it has to be noted that the aforementioned fact varies medicine to medicine. For instance, painkillers are harmless even if they are taken after expiry. On the contrary, biological products like eye drops, EpiPen or injectable substances should not be used, if they are cloudy. To be safer side, we should not keep such medicines for a long time span.

In a case of any expired medicine taken, keep your doctor informed, especially when your chronic medicines to seek further advice and information.

Temperature Is the Essential

It’s extremely vital how a drug is placed and stored because its strength largely depends on how it has been treated. A medicine stored in a refrigerator is way safer and powerful than the one stashed in a cupboard surrounded by other stuff. Fix this in your mind and take a call! Consult a doctor, if you want to discuss any particular issue.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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