What should you do if you hit someone while driving/riding?

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Hitting somebody with your car can be terrifying to you and deadly for the person who got hit. It is an equally horrible experience for both parties. When you hit somebody with your vehicle, as a human we have some responsibilities and some legal liabilities as a citizen.

  • If the person got only little injuries, try to get him some first aid immediately.

  • If he has sustained severe injuries, call an ambulance and rush him to the hospital immediately. It is better to inform the police and help them to carry out their proceedings.

  • Leaving the scene before emergency medical services or other first responders arrive is not an option and police will be required to fill out the official report.

  • Co-operate with the police and help them to carry out their proceedings. It is always better to surrender in accident cases and admit if it is your mistake.

  • You are legally bound to bear the expenses incurred by the injured and have to compensate for the physical and mental trauma you have put him through.

It is our responsibility that when we are driving we should take reasonable care, especially when driving near a bike lane, or when children are obviously present. As an adult who is driving a car or motorcycle, there are more expectations from you, than being aware of what is going on around you.

Updated on 04-May-2022 12:15:19