What should one not do when one is sad?

Life is a mixed bag of happy moments and sad ones. These sad moments can last for a short or a long period, depending upon what led to this sadness. To avoid getting deeper into the realm of sadness, one can follow these tips −

Take A Quick Decision

Do not take any crucial decision during your sad moments. I met a friend of mine last Sunday, who had suffered a terrible break up with her boyfriend. She was so sad that she lost control over her emotions and burst into tears. Suddenly, God knows what came to her mind, she decided ongoing for a long drive on her own, and her car collided with a bike. She is fine now, but what this incident has taught me is that one should not take any random decision in moments of sadness.

Listen to Sad Songs

Suppose you are already sad. Will these songs of Sufi singers or mournful dirges help you come out of it? No! So one should try to pump up one’s mood by listening to rocking Bollywood numbers and the like.

Be Alone

When you are sad, you do not want to talk to anyone and stay alone. But you do not understand that this increases your sadness even more. In fact, you should go out and meet your friends who make you feel all the way more special.

In fact instead of getting sad...

Make New Friends

We do not choose our parents, but we certainly choose our friends. Make new friends and laugh merrily.

Indulge Yourself In Your Hobby

You may like reading, dancing, singing in your leisure time. This time of utter sadness is also a time wherein you can engage yourself in these hobbies of yours. Being sad is not the end of your life until you drown and immerse yourself completely in it.