What’s the hardest you’ve ever laughed in your life?

This happened in our first year of B.Tech. We were new to the University atmosphere and the new found wings were encouraging us to fly. One day our whole batch (a group of 6 boys) decided to bunk the class and go to watch Mahesh Babu's new movie. We all got neatly dressed and reached Prasad's Imax by 10. The show starts at 10.45 and we were going around and checking out the mall.

Suddenly, My friend Murali's phone rang and he picked up the phone involuntarily without thinking much.

His dad was on the other side asking "Where are you?". Murali was speechless. He did not know what to say. After a pause, he said, "Dad, the class is canceled. I am in the administrative building with my friends". "Ok wait there, I am in the college, I am coming there," said his dad and cut the line. Murali's face became dark, he said: "My dad is in college, he will know that I have bunked the class, he is going to kill me".

"What shall I do now"? he was almost crying.

Everybody started giving their suggestions, "run to college now", "message your dad that next class is starting and you are going to the classroom", and so on ...

"Let me tell you, go and enjoy the movie for now and do not repeat this again" came the gruff voice. We all were shocked to see Murali's father there. He left the place laughing, patting on Murali's back. We got back our senses and started laughing too. Murali was still under tension and soon he also joined. We laughed and laughed seeing the face of Murali. I think that was the hardest ever I laughed in my life.

Updated on: 26-Jun-2020


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