What's the best way to ensure a happy marriage?

While being happy is a state of mind, ensuring that you have a happy married life needs a bit of effort. Given the divorce rate these days, it needs a little more push, some patience, and some adjustments to keep your marriage rock solid.

Accept the Way They Are

Accept your partner the way he or she is and do not try to change each other. He may like to watch sports while he is at home, you may not. However, you cannot force him to watch TV soaps which is not his taste. She may prefer a Sunday outing, you may not but forcing her to sacrifice her time because you prefer staying at home is like forcing your thoughts on her. So, speak to each other and work that out, instead of forcing your thoughts.

Do Not Command

He or she is your life partner and not your office subordinate. The way you behave and order at work cannot apply at home. You have to treat your partner as equal to you and with respect. So, avoid demanding and commanding, and rather make a request. Ask for favors than ordering him or her to help you out with something. This will make the other feel that you respect their presence.

Send Positive Reinforcements

While saying a simple “I love you” a day can make a whole lot of difference emotionally for your partner, appreciating him or her quite often for their efforts will also make them happy. Compliment them with nice words or a simple affectionate touch and feel the difference in your marriage.

Get Out of Negativity

Get out of the negative zone and focus on the positives. Both of you may have a lot of shortcomings and no one is perfect. Accept that fact, ignore the negatives and move ahead. Being in a negative state of mind, constant criticism, bickering on the same issue again and again, and reminding the other of his or her shortcomings will only sour relationships over the period.

Empathize and Don’t Take Side of the Enemy

Whenever your partner is in a bad mood and he/she wants to vent out their frustration about a certain person in front of you, make sure that you listen, empathize, and don’t take the side of the enemy. This can worsen the situation and make them feel unwanted.