What's a food that people think is healthy but really isn't?

Nowadays people are more keen on their health improvement; making healthier food choices and skipping processed foods. But certain foods may seem like a healthier choice, whereas in reality, they may not have that nutritional capacity as we think. One such food is a salad. People usually think of salad as loaded with all the required nutrients in the right amount but there are certain limitations to it, making it very unhealthy.

Salad such as tuna, shrimp or chicken contains lots of calories and fats hidden in mayonnaise added to it. Talking about how unhealthy this seemingly nutritious food is, ingredients and size of the portion is an important point to consider.

Tuna Sandwich

For instance, the tuna sandwich with an over stuffing of tuna contains as high as 40 grams of fat with 700 calories in it. In case, you order a salad from a restaurant, try to get ingredients such as mayonnaise with less fat in it. Also, you should ensure that the portion size is less so as not to intake fats in quantity more than required.

Bottled Salad

Bottled Salad dressings are another form of salad that lacks nutrients in it. To avoid unhealthy dressings, the choice for adding the oil to these can help a lot in guaranteeing healthy food. However, the bottle in which the salad is stored may not be necessarily healthy. The list of ingredients will always have preservatives, sugar, flavor enhancers, coloring agents, and thickeners. It is essential to look for the bottle with a minimum number of ingredients in it.