What role does the Psychiatrist play in the modern world?

The modern way of living is providing us with lots of comforts, resources, and choices making us work less for the things we want, wait less for the services we need. This is pampering us and we are forgetting the meaning of real difficulties, adjustments, repairments, and rejections.

With all the growing choices, the relationships are getting ruptured, the work-stress is increasing, lifestyle is getting affected and everybody is busy in their own world that we are not getting the emotional support we need. This is leaving people desperate for somebody to listen and help them out emotionally. People are reaching out to a psychiatrist to discuss their personal problems.

As we need a family physician for our physical health, people are looking for a Psychiatrist for their mental health. A Psychiatrist helps in restoring the psychological state of a person, giving them different methods of therapies and counselling sessions.


The common psychological problems that need the help of a Psychiatrist are

  • Stress: This a major modern-day problem. If the stress management is not well done, it would seriously affect a person that one might take severe decisions such as ending up one’s life. Stress has become a common problem for all ages.

  • Depression: When the feeling of helplessness overwhelms, it leads to depression. This occurs when a person loses interest in everything and experiences fatigue in his mundane daily chores and work.

  • Anxiety: This is a common problem which is associated with stress. Some people feel anxious, though it is a small exam or a family problem.

  • Addictions: A person who gets severely addicted to some gadget or social networking or some other things like alcohol and drugs needs to get well under medical supervision.

  • Loss: When a person who is a family member or a very close friend, or maybe a loving pet expires, such losses are not easy to deal with.

  • Phobias and Manias: The severe psychological problems of fearing too much of something or going too mad after something should be well treated.

  • Family and Relationships: When problems arise in relationships or families that people get split up, it would affect a person so strong that it takes much time to come out of it.

For many such modern-day problems and their psychological well-being in life, there is a need for a Psychiatrist.