What qualities you will search in a person while making him a friend?

We usually happen to meet a lot of people, whereas some of them are easily forgotten and a few of them make us feel good. We usually feel to extend our familiarity with them by making them our friends.

Whenever I find a person with below-mentioned qualities, I feel like making him a friend.

  • Jovial: A Person who is jovial and mingles with everyone, without flaunting his stature will be a good one to be with. Anyone can be friendly with him, irrespective of his economic or social status.

  • Open-minded: A Person who can enjoy a joke put on him can welcome anything beyond his ego. Such a friend is pure luck.

  • Courteous: If he is being courteous towards others, he is sensible. Such a person usually handles his temper and won’t dump his bad mood on you, always.

  • Optimistic: If you can have a friend who is optimistic, both of you together can achieve many things, though it is some work or having fun. One who spreads optimism is a complete stress-reducer.

  • Open to criticism: One who can accept his faults and gets ready to correct himself, will offer the best ever shoulder to lean on. Such a friend will always help you learn more.

If you find a person with such great vibes, never let go of that moment. Draw your hand out to offer your friendship. The most important part being, “Never expect anything in return”. Feeling blessed when you get the most of your friendship is not a fault, but waiting for such a moment spoils the joy of being together today!!

As well, if you try being a good friend, you shall eventually get such pals along. When such friendships are kept up with great trust, that would lead to a life-long bonding.