What procedure does one need to follow if traveling through metro rail for the first time?

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Metro rail is one of the quickest and the cheapest modes of travel. As the name suggests, it is available in the leading metropolitan cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Banglore, Jaipur, Gurgaon, Noida etc. It's quite obvious that the first-timers have no clue about the DOs and DONTs while traveling in a metro, here are some tips:

Purchase Your Token or Metro Card

First of all, buy a token or a ticket from a counter. You can also generate a token from the machines present on all metro stations nowadays. If you are planning to travel frequently by metro, better you go for a metro card, which will save your overall time on a regular basis.

  • Your baggage will be checked for fraudulent articles if any. Also, get yourself checked by the security guards.

  • Proceed to the platform where your train will arrive and wait for your train.

  • Just when the train arrives, enter carefully.

  • Be cautious of the announcement of the impending stations.

  • Get out patiently without hurting yourself or others.

  • On your way to exit from a metro station, drop the token in the machine itself. If you are using the metro card, scan your card over the available detector and get through.

Some DONTs

  • Do not enter ladies coach if you are a male. Usually, the first coach near the engine is the ladies coach.

  • Do not drop your token anywhere during the journey. You may be penalized for the same.

  • Do not carry heavy luggage in the due course of making the most of it. You may find difficulty in carrying them all over.

  • Do not eat, smoke or drink on the train.

Updated on 30-Jul-2019 22:30:24