What is the significance of Hyderabad metro rail symbol?

The Metro rail system that was recently set up at Hyderabad has a special symbol called Niz. This was made in the remembrance of the Nizam king who once ruled this city. The Hyderabad Metro officials have also knitted a story to this little character, symbolizing the youth of Hyderabad, as they didn’t want to remain Niz as a mere symbol.

What’s the Story?

According to the story, Niz who was born in 1985 in Hyderabad is a descendant of Nizams, who has pursued his engineering from IIT Delhi. He then went to the US and pursued his graduation in the School of Architecture, planning, and preservation of Columbia University and got his Master’s degree in Urban planning. This Niz who has achieved great heights in his career has come back as he could not keep himself away from his motherland and returned with an intention to do something for the sake of his people. This techie who loves his country and culture is an ardent fan of Steve Jobs.

Along with the history of Hyderabad, he also loves to make progressive developments in the city. This Niz who displays enthusiasm, skill, and capability is the youth representative of Hyderabad metro culture and lucky charm of it. It was said that some person like Niz who holds a magic wand shows the way to every person in Hyderabad metro stations.

Casting A Unity Magic

This symbol of Niz has added a special attraction to the recently started Hyderabad metro and makes every Hyderabadi youngster correlate himself with. This Niz who is the mascot of Hyderabad metro rail guides you, informs you and helps you in every step, which means the passengers of metro could relate themselves with the gone history and the new transformations taking place in the city, which increases their love for the city.