What precautions are to be taken when we go to see a newborn baby?

Children are no less than the reflection of god themselves. Just like we follow some prerequisites while going to temple or gurudwara, such as removing our slippers, covering our head, similarly we must follow certain precautions while visiting a newborn baby for the first time.

Following are the precautions we should take before we cuddle the newborn:

  • Wash your hands thoroughly before touching or holding the baby in your arms. This is to ensure that the baby does not catch any sort of infection from the dirty hands.

  • Do not apply any deodorant or perfume. Certain fragrances may irritate the baby and he or she may start crying badly. In order to avoid it, refrain from using perfumes or any other scent.

  • Do not kiss the baby profusely, especially on the lips. There is no denying that babies are so cute that we often forget that they may catch infections.

  • Do not smoke or drink before you have to visit a baby. The smell may irritate the little one.

  • Avoid going close to the baby if you are coughing badly or have a high fever. Such communicable diseases may be caught even by the baby. The immune system of a newborn baby is anyways very weak.

  • Eating noisily while the baby is sleeping is a BIG NO. Do not feed on chips or any spice containing food item, especially as it may enter into the baby's eyes.

  • Do not attempt to disturb the baby while they are sleeping peacefully.

  • Do not overplay with the baby. You may end up poking in his nose or eyes.

  • Cut your nails before paying a visit else you may leave scars on their face else.

These are the significant precautions that need to be borne in mind when visiting a newly born baby.