What is your dream wedding ceremony program?

Marriage is a solemn affair. It is not only related to a bond between two people but a bond between two families indeed. In India, it is a mass affair. With hundreds of guests, the ceremony is not simple at all. It actually lasts for many days. So much decoration, so much celebration and even show off of wealth to the relatives and society. That is why many people spend lakhs and lakhs of rupees on their wedding, but I am not in favor of such a step.

My Dream Wedding Ceremony

I believe there is no use of wasting food, money, and effort on a pious ceremony which ultimately is possible only with the blessings of God and the elders. It definitely must begin with ‘Ganpati Pooja’ as I am a Hindu and an ardent worshipper of ‘Vinayka’. Soon after it, the simple ceremony should hold. With the blessings of all near and dear ones, the rings should be exchanged and the knot is tied. Marriage vows should be exchanged and guests are served the ‘Prassad’ since it is no more than a ‘Pooja’ for the sacred journey of the path of togetherness for the bride and bridegroom that they had witnessed.

Adopt A Child

After the ceremony, clothes and food be distributed to beggars and other poor people and then, I want to adopt a few girls. Adopting does not mean, I am against having my own kids, but I want to sponsor their school fees. So, that even they become independent in the future and help their parents in every step of their lives.

One may feel that I am being too boring or even term me a miser, but if this miserly action of mine, feeds the stomach of so many beggars and poor people for one day and not that of the rich guests, I am happy with being called a miser too.

Updated on: 30-Jul-2019


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