What is Your Aura Color?

Ever wondered what an Aura is and how its colour reflects your personality traits? You must have seen some videos on social media where people are describing their Aura and how its colour expresses their viewpoint of life. Aura is the layers of unseen energy surrounding us and each of the layers has a centre in our body.

Our personality is not just what we say or do. It's an energy that flows from us and is not visible to the human eyes. So, is it like a fictional superpower? No. Metaphysical practitioners and believers claim that aura colours are caused by vibrations and have scientific evidence. Every atom and molecule in the universe follows a certain pattern which emanates from the body as vibrations.

Aura is very much similar to sound waves. Just as we cannot hear sound waves but they are present around us, aura colours are not visible to a majority of people.

Seven Layers of Aura

An Aura is made of seven auric layers and the middle of it is our physical body. These seven layers are as follows −

  • Physical plane − It’s closest to the body and skin which ensures our physical health.

  • Emotional plane − It can appear in different colours as per our moods as this layer is all about emotions.

  • Mental layer − It's the third layer of energy outside our body and is generally linked with reason and logic.

  • Astral body − It's connected to our spirit and is usually referred to as the layer of love.

  • Etheric body − It helps you to communicate mentally with others and can be considered a place for our psyche.

  • Celestial plane − This layer is related to our dreams and creativity.

  • Causal plane −This layer is responsible for coordinating and balancing the other layers.

Seven Chakras

Every Auric layer has a primary energy centre in the body which is called 'Chakras'. There is a total of seven chakras in the body and when they are open, energy is released from them which defines our Aura's colour. These seven chakras are as follows −

  • Root Chakra − It's located at the spine's base and controls confidence, strength and digestive health.

  • Sacral Chakra − It's located in the lower abdomen and controls our creativity, energy and sexual desire.

  • Solar Chakra − It's located in the abdomen and controls our emotions.

  • Heart Chakra − It's above our heart and reflects our love for others

  • Throat Chakra − It's located in the throat area and controls our communication with others

  • Third-eye Chakra − It's located in the forehead between the eyes and is connected with our mind and psyche.

  • Crown Chakra − It's located at the top of the head and is connected with spirituality.

Now that we have understood how our Aura is related to the chakras and layers, let us understand the different colours of Aura and their meanings.

Aura Colours

There are seven main aura colours which are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Every colour has its significance and reflects personality traits accordingly.


This colour represents the root chakra and is associated with an energetic type of personality who can be a good leader. People with red aura are fearless and can have the right place in life and work. These people emanate passion from the people around them and are ambitious and always moving. Health issues may arise due to anxiety.


This colour is associated with the sacral chakra. Such people are typically creative, energetic and emotional. They value social relationships and friendship. They like to work in a team and being alone could be bothersome for them. Health problems may arise from the kidney or reproductive organs.


This colour represents the solar chakra. These people are warm and radiant like the sun and emanate positive energy. They value self-worth, self-confidence and self-esteem and support their friends. Such people can also attract people naturally to them. Health issues may be associated with the spleen.


This colour controls love, joy and inner peace as it represents the heart chakra. These people are attracted to nature and animals and love all living things. They can have a proper balance in their lives as they can give equal attention to their interests as well as the interests of those they love. Health problems related to the lungs may arise.


This colour governs how we communicate with others and express ourselves as it is connected to the throat chakra. These people are helpful, caring, spiritual and intuitive. They are usually at peace and are a freethinker. People with blue aura may experience health issues with the throat or thyroid.


This colour is connected to the third-eye chakra and deals with awareness, understanding and being deeply connected to you. These people are imaginative, curious, daydreamers and have deep inner feelings. Sometimes, they may lack self-esteem and are introverted, unassuming, calm and modest. People may experience eye-related problems


This colour is about our being authoritative, independent, idealistic and intellectual as it is connected to the crown chakra. This is the most sensitive and wisest of the aura colours and sometimes people with this aura colour have psychic power. This aura colour relates to the pineal gland and nervous system.

How Can I Find Out My Aura Color?

One of the most accurate ways to access an aura is to photograph your aura. But, if you can't do that, you can take a personality test. These quizzes are straightforward and have mostly multiple-choice questions wherein you have to choose one answer.

These tests aim to push you to choose an option that is relatable to you. You may get the most accurate results if you don't overthink your response and go with the options that you feel are the best suitable for you. These questions are designed to gain insight into your personality.

Some of the sample questions are as follows −

Which of the following best describes your personality?

  • Fearless

  • Creative

  • Joyful

  • Honest

  • Charismatic

  • Sociable

  • Spiritual

You would describe yourself as

  • A loner

  • A risk-taker

  • Spontaneous

  • A nature lover

  • A good listener

  • A visionary

  • Sensitive

What is your priority in life?

  • Food

  • Money

  • Having fun

  • Accomplishing my financial goals

  • Love

  • Music

What could be the most common ailment?

  • Anxiety

  • Body ache

  • Stomach problems

  • Short of breath

  • Sore throat

  • Eye infections

  • Headache

At your workplace, you

  • Work as a team player

  • Prefer a challenge

  • Like to work without anyone's help

  • Strive to complete your tasks at any cost

  • Feel guilty if you have to say no to your co-workers or managers

  • Feel your appearance is the most important

  • Frequently end up in a leadership position


The aura colours wouldn't change for those who are consistent with their choices. However, for some people who are dynamic and have different life experiences, the aura colour may change as their energy would be a bit more all over the place.